Improve Data Governance


In order to implement and enforce coherent data collection & use policies and practices the Kuunika Project intends to support the development of approved Ministry Of Health standards, Standard Operating Procedures, and enforcement approaches for managing paper based and electronic systems and data standards. This work is expected to be supported through the strengthening of the various decision support structures including the Monitoring & E valuation Technical Woring Group, Mobile Health Sub-Technical Working Group, National Data Standards Sub-Technical Working Group, and the National Health Data Collaborative Taskforce.

The Kuunika Project is expected to support the Ministry of Health in its effort to operationalize the National Health Information Systems Policy through the implementation of the Standard Operating Procedures at facility and district levels. The SoPs are expected to improve the quality of data and to strengthen the use of data at the source.

The Project will collaborate with the Ministry Of Health especially the District Health Management Teams and facility based management staff and health care providers, to standardize data quality improvement and performance management approaches and assure that presence of fora for sharing of lessons on a periodic level.
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