Improve Data Use


The Kuunika Project intends to strengthen the use of data at all levels of the health system. First, the Project intends to configure user centered dashboards and other decision support tools to enhance service delivery at facility, district and national levels. Second, the project seeks to establish/strengthen routine district-level structures, processes, and forums for performance monitoring and management, such as through quality improvement learning collaboratives. Third, the Project seeks to build skills in data interpretation and use, focusing on district and facility decision-makers.  Fourth, the Project seeks to identify effective practices that incent data use through targeted experimentation.

The Kuunika Project supports data supply through building the interoperability of systems and strengthening data utilization by bringing together data from different sources into aggregated dashboards that enable broader analysis in one place.

The approach for data use will depend on whether the facility or district is using a paper based system or an electronic system. This effort is linked to the classification of Kuunika Projet targeted facilities as either high burden, medium burden, or low burden, and the need that arises at each type of facility. At low burden facilities, the Kuunika Project aims to improve paper based data use initiatives, while at medium and high burden facilities the Kuunika Project will support the implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHR).
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