The campaign has consisted of teams of consultants  going to facilities and District Health Management Team meetings to orient all staff on DHIS2, the HMIS mobile application, and case study workbooks on data use. Consultants provided materials, helped individuals download the HMIS mobile application onto their phones, and provided technical support. 

The Data Use Campaign has completed visits to all sites in 4 of the 5 Kuunika districts, with the 5th District (Lilongwe) currently being planned in collaboration with GIZ. To date, the campaign has reached 166 facilities, and had 1,782 participants.


The campaign goals are to improve Data access by ensuring that all decision-makers & data handlers at district and facility levels have logins and know how to access DHIS2, improve knowledge and understanding by providing training and providing intros to data systems and Improve critical thinking through case studies and examples of how others are  using data in decision making.

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