Kuunika  developed a Training Guide and an HIS: Effective Data Management and Use curriculum. The curriculum aims to address gaps in competency of health workers as identified by the training needs assessment conducted in August 2017.  It is anticipated that health workers through the curriculum, will increase their competency to manage data using available technology or tools and use data for evidence-based decision making.


The main aim of capacity building i equipping Health care Workers with knowledge and skills of data for the Evidence-based decision making.  Health Workers are being trained on health information systems such as Electronic medical Record system (EMRs), District Health information Software (DHIS2) and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). it has also integrated  electronic products that have been developed with support from the kuunika project such as Mobile supervision tool (MST), HMIS Dashboard app, Master Health Facility registry and EMR portal. it also includes data quality and data analysis modules.

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