The Quality Improvement works at improving data quality and data management systems at all levels of service delivery in the Kuunika Project implementing districts. The QI approach seeks to build the capacity of health workers to understand and apply the Quality Improvement methodology in their day to day work to promote continuous improvement efforts and data use at all levels of service delivery/data management.


To strengthen quality improvement and assurance initiatives in all facilities of the districts. These district facilitators are the drivers of all QI activities in the districts using the 5S-KAIZEN approach. For continuous improvement, the teams use the Model for Improvement to assist them identify gaps using data and come up with possible solutions to the identified gaps, which are tested first using Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles. Following the facilitators orientation, follow up interface meetings to formulate and strengthen QI team functionality in all selected facilities in the district were organized.

This quality management approach focuses on strengthening facility quality improvement support teams (QIST) to improve the quality of health data and use to make improvement decisions. The sessions were organized with the aim of building facility teams’ capacity in leading the QI initiatives in their respective facilities.

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